Gerald Mackle

Executive Director

Owning and operating businesses for over 30 years, Gerald has built up an impressive portfolio and a wealth of industry experience and expertise across several sectors including property, housing, manufacturing, renewables, fleet management and charity.

Gerald’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation and new business development has led to the creation of a number of industry leading businesses, the formation of successful property partnerships and award recognition at a national level.

Gerald’s passion lies in property and renewables; from the restoration of old buildings – most notably Callan House and the Milford Gatelodge; purchasing, renovating and flipping properties, owning and managing a successful and operational ranch in Texas, installing and managing a 250kw anaerobic digestor and the grow and expansion of a successful fleet business. The success and reputation of these business over the last 30 years has allowed for the formation of many strategic partnerships and business relationships.