Our Divisions

Tarasis Enterprises is organised into four operating divisions, each with a distinct focus and dedicated management team.

Our divisions work deeply with customers in specialist markets, from Innovative Housing Solutions, Environmental, Sustainability and Renewables, Human-Centred Health & Wellbeing and more.

Tarasis Heathcare includes an in-home domiciliary care service delivering over 1 million hours of care annually to over 60,000 people across Ireland. 

Tarasis Housing provides over 3500 crisis beds every night in Ireland, as well as producing eco-friendly, modular space solutions to tackle the housing shortages the country faces.  

Tarasis Support Services is a social-work led team who sustain tenancies, prevent homelessness and works closely with people experiencing addiction and mental health issues.  

Tarasis Renewables uses biomass to deliver affordable, renewable energy to contribute solutions to the growing climate crisis.